Construction of new mobile base station


Orange Polska S.A.
Execution time
13 months
Year of investment
2016 -2017

Scope and course of the project

As part of the project, the existing RWE Stoen electric pole was adapted to be used as a “base” for the expansion and installation of the technical equipment of Orange Polska S.A..

The extension consisted of the design, construction, and assembly of a steel structure, which was the superstructure of the pole in question, in order to install sectorial antennas, among others. The designed structure for a radio-line antenna was added below it, and the necessary cable conduits, as well as an access ladder in the form of a Soll rail ladder, were mounted. A grate for technical equipment was made at the foot of the pole and secured with a fence mounted on the curbs of the existing pole. The necessary power supply and grounding system were added. All the works were carried out in consultation with RWE Stoen.


Obtaining the consent of RWE Stoen to shut down the high-voltage power lines for the duration of the works, but thanks to the cooperation and commitment of both parties, the works were carried out efficiently.

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