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Electronic Control Systems S.A. provides opportunity to work on a variety of different projects and facilitates professional advancement on many levels.

We carry out comprehensive projects for all mobile network operators in country and a select group abroad. We also work for terrestrial network operators. For several years, we have also been producing intelligent transport systems and energy–saving LED lighting systems. We bet on development – we are tirelessly expanding the scope of our ventures and trades.


  • if you have at least a few years of practical experience in IT system design, project or construction management,
  • if you have the appropriate work certifications,
  • if you want to advance in new projects, but also share your experience with others,

check our current job postings and send your résumé.

Work at ECS S.A. will be full of challenges due to the diversity of our projects and the exacting nature of our clients. You can count on stable employment and immense satisfaction from jobs well done.

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