• What is an optical fiber?

Optical fibers are as thick as a human hair and use light pulses to transmit data. Optical fiber is currently the most advanced technology used for delivering Internet and other telecommunications services. In the future, the presently constructed fiber–optic network will support the progress of technology in your region.


  • What is FTTH?

Fiber–to–the–Home is a technology 100% based on fiber–optic lines connected directly to an apartment or a house. Such a solution guarantees reliability and speed of service.


  • How will the fiber–optic network be constructed?

Fiber–optic cables will be routed overhead on existing pole infrastructure or underground.


  • How do you connect optical fiber?

In the case of running the link underground, the cable will be led over to the border of a property and properly secured. In multi–family housing, the network will be connected to a common part of the building and distributed in risers with the possibility of connecting it to individual apartments and commercial premises. In the case of installing fiber–optic cables on pole infrastructure, the cable will be led to a pole nearest a building. When the property owner decides to use fiber–optic services, a link will be built to connect directly to a client’s home.


  • What are the costs of accessing fiber–optic networks?

The construction of fiber–optic network is financed by FIBEE and subsidies under the Digital Poland Operational Program. The costs of distinct services (Internet, TV) will depend on the individual choice of service provider.


  • What does open network mean?

Open fiber–optic network infrastructure is an example of the best way to use our planet’s resources. By sharing it among all service providers, you can use the one link connected to your house or apartment to sign on with any telecommunications service provider.



FIBEE is the investor and beneficiary of the Digital Poland Operational Program, which co–finances the construction of the fiber–optic network.

General Contractors and their subcontractors are construction companies responsible for the physical construction of the fiber–optic network and reconstruction of infrastructure damaged during the works.

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