About the Company

Creation of ECS

ECS is founded by Janusz Kalina. It provides the first building automation services based on the technological solutions of Johnson Controls.

Cooperation with a CHP plant in Świebodzice

The company implements a project of installation of an automatic building management system (BMS) for Dolnośląski Zakład Termoenergetyczny SA - CHP plant in Świebodzice.

Cooperation with Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Construction of an integrated facility management system - Jagiellonian University Campus in Kraków.

Cooperation with mobile operators

Signing the first contract for the provision of 2G mobile network services to mobile operators.

New services in scope of RNO and the construction of the first 3G UMTS network in Poland

The company's portfolio includes services in the field of RNO (Radio Network Optimization) related to researching the quality of mobile network performance and optimization of its radio parameters.

Construction of the first 3G UMTS network in Poland

Continuous increase of revenues from the telecommunications sector

Services provided to operators and equipment manufacturers in the telecommunications sector already account for nearly 50% of the company's total revenues.

Agreement with an international partner and opening of a new branch of the company

Signing a key agreement with an international supplier of equipment and technological solutions for mobile telecommunications.

Opening an ECS local branch in Poznan.

Agreement with a mobile network leader

Starting the construction of the company's new office in Balice near Krakow.

Krakow. Signing and performance of the first contract for the implementation of telecommunications equipment for a leading mobile network operator in Poland.

Development of the company and enlargement of its team

Despite the economic crisis, ECS develops and expands its team. This will enable the company to provide a full range of services in the coming years (turnkey projects) and to increase its competitive advantage.

Opening an ECS local branch in Warsaw.

First quality tests in LTE technology

ECS conducts quality tests in LTE technology.

In the same year, the company received another significant award from its international partner for the implementation of an agreement concerning the 3G technology.

ECS expands its portfolio

ECS expands its portfolio by introducing comprehensive turnkey services for the telecommunications sector.

Opening an ECS local branch in Gdansk.

Investments in Germany and Lithuania

ECS launches foreign investments in the telecommunications sector in Germany and Lithuania.

In line with the strategy of diversifying its activities, the company starts to implement a project for an intelligent road system as part of the construction of the viaToll system.

Another investment in Denmark

ECS doubles its revenues from year to year.

The company commences another foreign investment in the telecommunications sector in Denmark.

In the same year, the company carries out a project of replacement of transmission and reception equipment and modernization of base stations (swap) for two leading operators in Poland. The project covers almost 3,500 network facilities.

Award by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

The controlling interest in the company is taken over by a fund managed by CCE Equity Partners, while 41% of shares are still held by individual investors. expand

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna awards the company with the Business Wings.

ECS continues a project to replace equipment and upgrade base stations in the mobile network of a Danish telecom operator.

Project implementation for OMC and RNO services in Cyprus and Slovenia.

The company starts an engineering project in the field of OMC (integration of mobile network components) and RNO (mobile radio network optimisation) services in Cyprus. expand

It also launches an RNO project in Slovenia and two major projects of mobile devices replacement in Slovenia and Finland.

Forbes magazine awards the company with Forbes Diamonds.

Beginning of operations in the field of LED systems

The company starts a strategic project of building its own telecommunications infrastructure, which will be leased to telecommunications operators (TowerCo).

ECS opens a subsidiary in Germany, Electronic Control Systems GmbH, which carries out projects in the telecommunications sector. expand

The company continues to implement a project to modernize base stations in Finland, which began in 2015, and in Denmark, it undertakes a project to upgrade HFC (Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial) network for an operator providing Internet access and cable TV services.

The company wins the contract for the implementation of the FTTH (Fiber to the home) project throughout the country.

ECS receives a high, 34th place in the ranking of the telecommunications industry prepared by the European Business Institute in 2016.

Building Automation System Department realizes a significant project - Skanska Maraton in Poznan.

Proprietary SmartSave system

The company develops its fibre optic division, becoming one of the main partners in the construction of FTTH infrastructure across the country. expand

The company acquires three key customers in the telecommunications sector in Germany.

The first fifth generation network (5G) base station in Poland

ECS as a leading partner of mobile telephony operators implements and integrates the first in Poland fifth generation (5G) base station. expand

ESC Company in the group of leaders of the LED street lighting market. It implements the project and construction for over 10,000 street lighting points.
The company develops its activity on the German market through its branch in Mulheim, carries out a project of modernization and replacement of transmitting and receiving equipment of base stations in a mobile network in Germany for one of the largest telecommunications operators in the world. in terms of the number of customers.


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