ECS offers complete building automation solutions - we integrate solutions from leading suppliers for every type of use, for every technical application. We offer our solutions in the field of building automation for office buildings, sports facilities, industrial facilities, hotels, educational facilities. We also have dedicated solutions for data centres, where we combine our experience in building automation with the experience in the telecommunications and IT industry.

The main systems in our offer, which are subject to supervision and control:

    • ICT network,
    • control of internal and external lighting depending on the condition of presence of persons in the rooms and traffic, based on the light intensity, etc.,
    • control of heating of separate rooms,
    • control of ventilationair conditioningand filtration- HVAC solutions,
    • security, alarm system and monitoring,
    • fire protection system,
    • access control system,
    • UPS power supply system,
    • weather system,
    • smoke control system, control and monitoring of fire dampers,

    Our solutions are based on the "design and construct" model, which allows achieving the highest level of quality of the solution combined with cost-effectiveness.

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