MOSiR Sports Hall

Smart Bulding

Execution time
1 month
Year of investment

Information concerning the facility

MOSiR Sports Hall, located at the Kielce – Krakow exit road (E 77), was opened in 1985. The facility has a full-size handball pitch (floor, 20 x 40 m) with tracks around the pitch (1.25 – 1.30 m).

Scope of the project

  • delivery and installation of 82 luminaries for the specialist lighting of the sports facility in accordance with the requirements for HD television broadcasting,
  • tests and measurements of the electrical system and illumination in accordance with the requirements of 1500 lux,
  • replacement of the suspended ceiling to the extent necessary,
  • preparation of as-built documentation

Purpose of the project

Making supplementary lightening in the sports hall

in Kielce at ul. Krakowska 72

The quality and timeliness of work carried out by Electronic Control Systems S.A. give rise to no objections. The works were carried out in a timely manner, according to the applicable regulations, standards, and rules of the trade, and were properly completed.
Mieczysław Tomala Director

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