Mobile Networks – Designing

The process of design is an essential part of constructing or expanding new and existing network facilities.

At ECS, we have a design department where we permanently employ dozens of experienced designers. Thanks to that, we are able to provide our clients with projects tailor–made to fully meet their needs. Currently, we produce over 1.500 technological and construction projects annually.

Our Design Department utilizes the most advanced design software and measuring equipment. During on–site verifications, we use a laser scanner and drones. Reverse engineering and photogrammetry allow for inspection in the slightest detail, providing perfect basis for design.


    We use laser scanning and photographic documentation from drones for:

    • inventory of existing construction works;
    • analysis for detection of potential collisions of installations and structures;
    • compilation of as–built architectural documentation, along with BIM models;
    • reconstruction of technical documentation of building structures, e.g., historic buildings;
    • spatial planning;
    • execution of an interactive panoramic view or a virtual walking tour.

    In close cooperation with clients, our designers are tasked to prepare:

    • building permit designs;
    • detailed technical designs;
    • implementation plans;
    • structural surveys and technical assessments;
    • recommendations accounting for the future of development and solutions, e.g., indication of potential modernization.

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