In addition to the standard purchase and sale transaction, with the comprehensive SmartSave solution, we have also introduced a new financing system for the modernization of street lighting in cities and municipalities - the so-called ESCO. 

Thanks to ESCO, cities and municipalities can finance the lighting modernization project with savings that will be generated by the new technology. Thanks to this solution, the entity that wants to introduce SmartSave does not need to have considerable financial outlays at the beginning of the project. 

ESCO MODEL - PPP Public-Private Partnership is a method of financing the lighting modernization or expansion of SmartCity infrastructure by an investor (e.g. ECS), who covers the costs of the entire investment. The Client, the Municipality, pays the modernization cost from the monthly savings made thanks to lower electricity consumption. 

The advantages of such a model:

  • Investment and financial risk transferred to a third party, in this case, the project investor.
  • Project self-financing - investment repaid from the savings obtained.
  • No financial resources involved on the part of the Client.
    • Guaranteed and measurable effect.
    • The economic and environmental dimension of the implemented project.

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